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Holy Crap On A Cracker! ESPN Research Reveals That People Like 3D Television!

(head asplodes)

People like it! They really, really like it!

I know! Hard to believe, right? But the data gathered seems to indicate that appears to be the case. Due to the exhaustive empirical study of 3D television by scientists working for ESPN Research & Analytics, it appears to be true:

People like 3D television.

Continuing to innovate in the 3D television space, ESPN Research + Analytics unveiled today one of the most in-depth studies on 3D TV to date.  Compiling results from more than 1,000 testing sessions and 2,700 lab hours, ESPN has concluded that fans are comfortable with the medium and even enjoy it more than programming in HD.  The research was conducted by Dr. Duane Varan, professor of New Media at Murdoch University, during ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup at the Disney Media and Ad Lab in Austin, Texas.

Now, I’m as big of a fan of highfalutin scienmatific jargon as the next guy, but what are they really getting at here? And what’s the deal with this Dr. Duane Varan, and the way he goes dropping science, dropping it all over, like bumpin’ around the town like when he’s driving a Range Rover? What’s up with that?

A more detailed analysis of the unexpected findings by Dr. Duane Varan and his motley crew of mad scientists follows.

Via ESPN Media Zone:

Key Findings:

3D TV ads can be more effective

  • In testing the Ad Lab showed viewers the same ads in 2D and 3D.  3D ads produced significantly higher scores across all ad performance metrics – generally maintaining a higher level of arousal than the 2D counterpart.
  • Participants showed better recall of the ad in 3D:
    –       Cued recall went from 68% to 83%
    –       On average, purchase intent increased from 49% to 83%
    –       Ad liking went from 67% to 84%

Fans enjoy 3D

  • The results showed a higher level of viewer enjoyment, engagement with the telecast and a stronger sense of presence with the 3D telecasts.
    –       Enjoyment increased from 65% to 70% in 3D while presence went from 42% to 69%

Passive vs. Active

  • With all things equal, there were no major differences between passive and active 3D TV sets for overall impact however, passive glasses were rated as more comfortable and less distracting by participants.

Depth Perception

  • The study found that there were no adverse effects on depth perception (stereopsis).
  • It appeared that there is an acclimation effect whereby participants adjust to 3D over time under normal use.

True 3D vs. 2D

  • Participants showed much more favorable responses to true 3D images than to 2D.

Wowee zowee. People like emerging technologies invented to enhance our enjoyment. Consider my mind blowed. But I’m the same guy still holding out hope that HD DVD will stage a miraculous comeback.

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