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Dear Lord: Denim Hockey Jerseys Are Just As Horrific As One Would Expect

What the fungus? Tangled up in plaid, sure, but denim? That’s a big no in my book. What fashion-backward nincompoop came up with these denim nightmares masquerading as hockey jerseys and believed they were an acceptable choice for any self-respecting team to wear?

Whoever it was, they apparently pulled the wool over the eyes of the Saskatoon Blades, who will shortly become the laughingstock of the Western Hockey League up Canada way. To wit (via Puck Daddy):

On Friday, Nov. 12, the Blades will be hosting the Portland Winterhawks. In anticipation of the following weekend’s PBR Canadian Cup National Finals in Saskatoon, the Blades, along with Wrangler jeans, have created quite the unique jersey to celebrate the event.

Wait. PBR, as in Pabst Blue Ribbon? Well, if that’s the case, I suppose these atrocities make perfect sense. And who knows? Maybe Canadians will find these rodeo-inspired jerseys totally styling. They are a simple folk, after all.

I would only like to issue a warning to any WHL-loving puck bunnies out there. If a Blades player approaches you out at the bar or outside the arean rocking one of these bad boys, do not, I repeat, do not give that confused lad your telephone number. Go with a fake one. Trust me, you are just asking for trouble if you don’t.

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