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Stick A Cork In It: Sosa’s Doctored Bat Fails To Sell Auction

The shattered remnants of a corked bat Sammy Sosa used in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays in 2003 failed to meet the secret reserve for the October 31st deadline and was not sold.

After breaking into two pieces during his at-bat during the first inning of a game on June 3, 2003, cork was exposed in Sosa’s bat, earning him an ejection and eventual suspension. Former Cubs pitcher Mike Remlinger later discovered the barrel of the bat sitting in a bag between the dugout and the clubhouse and snagged it, hiding it in his locker. Remlinger, through Schulte Auctions, put the bat up for sale on October 1st. The highest bit at closing was $14,407, offered by the CEO of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group, Grant DePorter and Remlinger was hoping to snatch $15,000 for it. Via ESPN Chicago:

“There’s enough crazy Cubs fans out there that if somebody has a collection, be it Harry Caray’s Restaurant or one of the bigger bars in the area or just someone who has a personal collection, it’s definitely a great item to talk about,” Remlinger said Oct. 12 on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000.

Is there any other kind of Cubs fans other than a crazy one? Just saying. As far as the bat is concerned, Remlinger can either “offer [the bat] to the highest bidder or try to sell it privately,” according to Ray Schulte of Schulte Auctions, but that “[u]sually the owner takes a couple of days to think about it.”

Perhaps an endorsement from Slammin’ Sammy himself can up the the value of the keepsake, which by and large, is simply a testament to Sosa’s commitment to doing just about anything to cheat in order to gain a competitive advantage. But is Sosa would come out and tell potential bidders that it is an item of great value and that they should go after it because “It’s so reeeeeal”, there’s no telling how high the bids could go.

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