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Louisville Basketball Opens Up KFC Yum! Center With Sloppy, Greasy-Fingered Effort

The Rick Pitino-led Louisville Cardinals made their exhibition debut at their brand-spanking new KFC Yum! Center by defeating Northern Kentucky by the score of 83-66 on Sunday.

Obviously, no one gives a rip about exhibition college basketball, but what I wanted to address is the absolute ridiculousness of the name of the arena. KFC Yum! (the exclamation point is for exclaiming how “yum” it is, of course) Center? Now, KFC Center would have been perfectly acceptable – although I have never trusted the Colonel, with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face – but why they Yum!? How stupid is that? That’s about as idiotic believing you could nail a completely unstable woman on the table of a restaurant after closing and not have it come back and bite you in the ass. Not that either of these things have anything to do with the other, of course.

Moving on, back to my original point: the absurd name of the arena. I mean, what’s next? The Taco Bell Fart! Center? The Pizza Hut Greasy! Stadium? The White Castle Sweet Christ! The Dehydrated Onions Are Wreaking Havoc On My Innards – Oops, I Think I Might Have Just Crapped Myself! Arena? Now, I just threw those out there as examples and don’t expect those names to be used. You see, I only minored in Ridiculous Made-Up Arena Names at Sports Blogger University. Go SBU! The Troglodytes rule!

Buckles nets 18 as Louisville opens Yum! Center with exhibition win [USA Today/AP]