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Kurt Warner Is Like, Super Smart About Football And Stuff

When he’s not busy charming the pants off of America while sashaying across the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars, recently retired NFL quarterback extraordinaire Kurt Warner likes to dropping football-related knowledge like Galileo dropped the orange. Not that you should need any evidence illustrating Warner’s NFL I.Q. and quarterbacking acumen, wait until you see how astutely he broke down how Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has been performing as QB thus far in a Mike Martz-created offense – a role Warner is clearly all-to-familiar with.

Here’s what Warner during a conference call earlier today with Joe Theismann for the NFL Network (via Yahoo!/AP):

The quarterback who played a starring role in Mike Martz’s “Greatest Show on Turf” while with the St. Louis Rams says he sees Cutler struggling with “confidence and understanding” while trying to adapt to a complicated system that doesn’t necessarily mesh with his natural tendencies.

Whoa. Struggling with “confidence and understanding,” he says?

/looks at Jay Cutler’s season statistics
//recalls that Cutler threw four interceptions TO THE SAME GUY in his last game

You know, I have to give Warner credit here. There are certain things which are apparent only after spending a wildly successful career as an NFL quarterback, things only a former NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion would ever notice. This Warner guy: he sure knows his stuff.

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