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Eww! Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood Caught Engaged In Act Of ‘Sword Crossing’

Ha! Tricked you! Here you thought you would be clicking through to see a photo or a story about Tiger Woods and the brand-new number one-ranked golfer in the world, Lee Westwood partaking in the disgusting act of “sword crossing,” otherwise known as “crossing streams,” and that’s not a reference to the proton packs in Ghostbusters, either. In any event, it has many names – perhaps it is called something entirely different where you live, but I know that you know all about the unsanitary, unseemly urine-related practice I was alluding to, which kind of makes you a sick bastard for wanting to have a look-see. Pervert.

Actually, the above act was all part of the buildup HSBC Champions tournament in Shanghai, where according to Wei Under Par, the top four golfers in the world (Westwood, Woods, Mickelson, Kaymer) engaged in a bit of make believe swordsmanship on the roof of the Peninsula Shanghai hotel. Sure, it’s silly, but it was all in good fun and somewhat humorous.

Even more amusing? Phil Mickelson striking his best martial arts pose against Kaymer.

Hoo boy. Perhaps Philly Dog would be best served sticking with perfecting his patented flop shot, because that ain’t working. Awkward.

Open Caption: Another Sworded Affair for Tiger [Wei Under Par]