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Didn’t They Know Who He Was? Barry Bonds Hassled By Police Last Night

What’s a disgraced major league ballplayer have to do to catch a break these days?

According to a TMZ report, Barry Bonds was pulled over by West Hollywood police last night around 10:00 and ticketed for talking on his cell phone while driving. Man, professional athletes these days, thinking they’re invincible and above the law, especially alleged steroid cheats. I mean, what’s next? Bill Romanowski getting busted for an illegal lane change? That would be so Romocop, wouldn’t it? Always living life on the edge.

As far as Bonds’ is concerned, the ticket for his moving violation is going to hit him where it hurts: right in his wallet. His latest snafu is likely to cost him 125 big ones. Ouch.

At this point in time, Bonds has made no official statement regarding his interaction with the police last night, but he did show some deference to his former team by issuing a statement congratulating the Giants on their World Series victory (via the San Jose Mercury News):

“There is no city that deserves this championship more and I congratulate Bill Neukom, the entire ownership group, (manager Bruce) Bochy and most of all the guys on the team that fought hard to bring the trophy home to the city of San Francisco.

“I grew up watching my dad and godfather as Giants, lived out my dream playing in the same uniform in front of the best fans in the world and I just witnessed the Giants winning the World Series. I am ecstatic for the team, the city and all the fans — you truly deserve it.”

The fact that Bonds took time out of his busy schedule doing, well, whatever it is he does now, just has to make Giants fans feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right?

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