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ESPN’s ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ Might Be Consistently Inconsistent Next Season

Fans of consistently consistent baseball analysis as it pertains to being consistently annoying as well as over-enunciated pronunciations of Hispanic names should probably be a bit worried heading into the MLB offseason as the fates of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller regarding their future as the announcers of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball will be determined, according to a report in The New York Times.

The pair have worked together for 21 seasons, so to see them not broadcasting together would be odd, although welcome. Joe Morgan’s crotchety “In My Day” antics became intolerable years ago and while I cannot come up with much to say negatively regarding Miller’s even-keeled, jovial job in the booth, he could very likely get axed simply via guilt by association. Yes, Morgan is that terrible.

Yet, Miller’s pedigree and the recent accolades he has received may serve to be his saving grace:

It would be awkward for ESPN to part with Miller a few months after he received the Ford C. Frick Award from the Baseball Hall of Fame. Dan Shulman would be a likely replacement.

Morgan, the vice chairman of the hall, has been a testy presence on ESPN games and rarely seems attuned to Miller’s lighthearted style. Orel Hershiser, a smart addition to the “Sunday Night” booth since replacing Steve Phillips, would almost certainly stay in a two- or three-man booth.

With all due respect to Jon Miller, if him getting canned is the only way to get Morgan off our televisions, I’m afraid that’s how it’s got to be, but if ESPN can somehow figure out a way to get rid of Morgan and keep Miller, I’d be all for it. And my opinion in that regard will remain consistent. Consistently.

ESPN to Make Decision on Miller and Morgan [Bats]