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Breaking: Alexander Ovechkin Is Good At Hockey, Scores Two Goals In 12 Seconds

In case you haven’t heard, this Alexander Ovehckin guy is a pretty good hockey player, as evidenced by his scoring of two power play goals in twelve seconds. I’m no timeologist or whatever you would call a person who is like real knowledgeable about time and stuff – a clockenheimer? –  but that’s pretty fast.

After an underwhelming performance in a 2-1 loss to the Minnesota Wild on Thursday, Ovechkin and his fellow Capitals players were a bit crabby and took it out on designated sacrificial lambs the Flames on Saturday evening, pounding Calgary by the score of 7-2 which featured an amazing 6-goal explosion in the second period.

How does a team accomplish such an impressive outburst of goal scoring, you ask? Simple. You have got to have mad skills (via

“All the time I’ve said we have the skills, I think we have more guys with the best skills in the league and sometimes we just haven’t used it,” Ovechkin said. “We try to be too casual and tonight’s game we played pretty good.”

Indeed you did, Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player. Indeed you did. And I can think of no better way to celebrate a great game like you had than by partying with some hot Russian chicks, although partying with hot Russian chicks is a good way of celebrating pretty much anything, hockey-related or not.

Ovechkin sparks Caps’ six-goal second period []
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