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Bad Idea Costumes: PSU Fan Dressed In Michigan Colors Beaten By Other PSU Fans

Yeah, next Halloween, the Penn State fan who dressed up as a Michigan fan might want to come up with a better – or at least less assault-worthy – costume.

During the Nittany Lions’ 41-31 win over the Wolverines at Beaver Stadium on Saturday, a PSU fan who thought it would be a hoot to dress up in the maize and blue and attend the game ended up being assaulted by four other Penn State fans who suspected the guy was rooting for the Wolverines. The victim ended up with a broken nose which required treatment but sustained no serious injuries, which is too bad because any person who believed wearing a rival team’s colors to a football game among all the drunken ingrates who attend college football games would be a great idea kind of deserves to have the stupidity beaten out of him.

Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but don’t you think he had it coming just a little bit? By making that assertion I am by no means defending the punchy actions of the knuckle-dragging miscreants who committed this act of violence against one of their own. I am also not implying that the victim should have been treated to such a savage beating that he would have left him eating meals through a straw the rest of his life or lose control of his bowels and have to wear a diaper like his poopy-pants idol JoPa, but at least an overnight stay in a hospital for some good contemplating time regarding the error of his ways would have served him well. That’s the only way some people learn.

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