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Will A Cricket Lesson Teach Broncos How Not To Give Up 59 Points To The Raiders?

To answer my own question and to speak in the manner of the Brits, as that was where the Broncos received said cricket lesson, not bloody likely, mate.

Spending the first day in London, the Denver Broncos spent a little time getting acclimated to their surroundings by receiving a cricket lesson from a pair of Surrey County cricketers. While still licking their wounds after a brutal 59-14 loss at the hands of the Oakland Raiders, the Broncos elected to show up in merry old England four days later than their opponents on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers. But I guess doing anything different than the 49ers is probably an advisable idea.

Said head coach Josh McDaniels (via AP):

“Everything’s kind of going ahead as planned. We chose to have three good practice days back at our facility, somewhat of a normal preparation for our players, and then go ahead and make the trip in what we believe will still be enough time to get out bodies adjusted.”

Now, is dealing with jet lag anything like making the necessary adjustments to counteract the thin air in Denver, because if that’s the case, the Broncos automatically have the advantage. It’s not? And their despicable loss to the Raiders was at home, too? Oh man, the Broncos are screwed. Coach Intimidator Guy might as well throw away that ginormous wooden cross he wears around his neck now, because everything’s coming up Singletary!

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