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(Sigh) The World Series Has Been Infected With Bieber Fever

Now that’s EXACTLY how professional ballplayers should wear their hats. Slightly-cocked and fancy-like with a little tease of the bangs to tie it all together. Oh, did I neglect to mention huge v-neck shirts underneath buttoned-down jackets? Nice. That’s the kind of rugged masculinity that’s been seriously lacking in the MLB lately.

Sadly, even Major League Baseball cannot resist the lure of Biebermania, as it has been announced that the tween freak’s new video for the song “Never Say Never” will premiere during the FOX pregame show before Game 3 on Saturday. My guess is that MLB execs are trying to appease their adolescent daughters with this abomination. Either that or they are a bunch of goddamn pederasts. Hard to say.

Bieber to debut new video during World Series [MSNBC/AP]