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Here’s Wilson The Volleyball From ‘Cast Away’ If He Had A Beard Like Brian Wilson

When there’s a chance for a big time Hollywood star to get some face time, they will almost always jump at the opportunity, which is why it shouldn’t be surprising that we had at least one celebrity sighting yesterday before the Giants faced the Rangers in Game 2 of the World Series at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

That’s right: Wilson – or more accurately, the volleyball who portrayed Wilson, whose name coincidentally enough was also Wilson – showed up for the game. I suppose this was as good a time as any for Wilson to make a rare public appearance. After shooting to fame after starring opposite of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, Wilson’s star has faded a bit – in fact, most of his work lately has consisted of bit appearances in Dick’s Sporting Goods commercials. Sure, they pay the bills, but Wilson desperately wants to be back on top.

Wilson even got into the spirit of the event, adding a beard to his trademark handprint face to show his support for Giants goofball closer, Brian Wilson. And while the Giants did not require Wilson’s services last night due to the 9-0 thrashing they laid on the reeling Rangers, it’s nice to see that even big-time celebrities like Wilson the Volleyball are getting swept up in Giants fever.

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