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Apparently, Rape Jokes Are Still Acceptable In Free-Wheeling San Francisco

Like most kinds of humor, jokes written out with a magic marker on a hunk of cardboard and waved to and fro during baseball games are usually a matter of taste, subject to differing opinions of what constitutes an appropriate wisecrack for a given situation.

We need to look no further than the witticism scrawled out and proudly displayed above by one Giants fan, who has taken a look at the 0-2 hole the Rangers are currently in, processed the situation and concluded that more or less, the outcome of the first two games are equivalent to a mass outbreak of sexual assaults.

So, in conclusion, at least to this individual: Rape = Funny. The “Errbody” lightens the message, I suppose, giving it a much-needed dose of whimsical illiteracy. It’s all in the delivery, really.

[H/T Midwest Sports Fans]