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Take OneWayHawk’s Preview Of MSU-UK Game Serious Or Start Squealing Like A Pig, Boy

The camouflage and backwoodsian beard really tie the whole thing together.

One thing is absolutely crystal clear about Mr. OneWayHawk sure does love his Mississippi State Bulldogs football. And perhaps even more than that, he loves to stand outside his moonshine still and do video previews regarding their upcoming games. After watching his surprisingly knowledgeable, passionate and articulate preview a few times, I have to admit: the guy certainly knows his stuff. He’s a bit of a countrified individual, to be sure, but his analysis is spot-on. And the clapping of the hands together at the end as he starts to get all worked up is mesmerizing.

As OneWayHawk says himself, there’s “not much goin’ on out here in the country ’til Saturday night,” so you might as well watch his preview and get some down-home, college football learnin’ under your belt. It’s either that or it’s dueling banjos time.

Speaking of dueling, given OneWayHawk’s love of frighteningly remote reports for YouTube Sports and the fact that his beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs are taking on the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend, perhaps it would be appropriate to set up some kind of ill-conceived battle of wits between him and the be all, end all when it comes to YouTube Sports and the University of Kentucky: the man, the myth, the legend, Kige Ramsey. Now that would certainly be something.

[H/T Strait Pinkie – great find, guys]