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Ladies And Gentlemen, The Worst Player In The NFL (According To Some Guy In Buffalo)

Sure, he might be a snappy dresser, knows how to walk the red carpet and understands how to accessorize with bling without appearing gaudy, but the man above, Aaron Maybin, is apparently the worst football player in the National Football League, so says senior sports columnist of the Buffalo News, Jerry Sullivan. The embittered scribe – and can you blame him? He covers the friggin’ Bills – uses awful season statistics to illustrate his point that the Bills may be playing the worst defense in franchise history (the team is on pace to surrender 528 points this season, they are last in the league against the run, etc.). Sullivan’s central thesis is the fact that Maybin cannot even crack the starting lineup essentially seals his fate as the Worst NFL Player. So much so, in fact, the linebacker, who was the no. 11 overall pick in the 2010 2009 NFL draft, suffered the ultimate indignity last week when he was declared inactive for the Bills’ game against the Baltimore.

Sullivan, in his scathing commentary for the Buffalo News (via Morning Jolt), summarizes his negative opinion regarding Maybin thusly:

It’s quite possible that Maybin is the worst player in the NFL (though a case could be made for John McCargo, another former Bills’ first-rounder who has been inactive all six games).

There’s a good chance Maybin will be inactive again this week against Kansas City, the NFL’s top rushing team. After a year and a half, he hasn’t gotten better. If anything, he’s regressed. Maybin has 21 tackles in 21 games. He has no sacks. This season, he’s been on the field for 66 plays, with few tangible results.

The Bills gave Maybin a $15 million signing bonus after his holdout in 2009. That’s not the sort of return on investment that made capitalism great. If Maybin were some seventh-round pick — like, say, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Stevie Johnson — he’d be long gone by now.

Yeesh. Certainly not a ringing endorsement, although I suppose we have no choice but to take Sullivan’s word for it. And while there are a multitude of players currently on NFL rosters one could argue are far worse players than Maybin, as mentioned above, Sullivan spends day in, day out being subjected to the woefully terrible Buffalo Bills. On that fact alone, it’s safe to say that the guy knows a bad football player when he sees it.

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