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Jesus, Where Weren’t Giants Fans Smoking Weed Last Night?

"Alright alright."

They were smoking up outside the stadium (which was astutely pointed out by a Dallas area television reporter), they were getting blazed at a local marijuana dispensary that was giving out free joints for every Giants home run and now comes reports they were toking in the freaking stands last night, too. At least that’s what the New York Post is reporting, citing statements Josh Hamilton made about being able to smell the pungently sweet aroma of cheeba wafting from the outfield stands of AT&T Park throughout the game.

Stating that weed wasn’t his gig during his bouts with drug addiction, Hamilton had this to say about the impromptu marijuana party:

“I could smell weed in the outfield,” Hamilton said. “It was crazy. I was looking at the cops a couple of times during the game.”

Hamilton said this wasn’t the first occurrence of experiencing weed-related hijinks during the past few days in San Francisco, relaying an interesting experience he and his wife had on Tuesday:

“My wife and I were walking down the street [Tuesday] and there was a guy smoking a joint with a cop 50 yards away,” he said.

San Francisco. What a town. Even the cops aren’t squares. I bet you can buy your cheeba from the cop down the street, the only cop with the rope chain walking the beat…

Oh. You’re still here? Sorry about that. I just got lost in Paul’s Boutique there for a second.

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