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Chicago Bears Players Denied Entrance To Nightclub Owned By No-Talent Emo Poseur

Despite making arrangements in advance to attend, 25 members of the Chicago Bears were blocked from entering Pete Wentz’s trendy Chicago nightclub, Angels & Kings, on Monday night by three bouncers, who turned them away at the door. While it cannot obviously be confirmed, according to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Stella Foster’s gossip column, some members of the Bears felt they weren’t let in because there were too many African-Americans in the group. Awkward.

More “dish” from Foster’s column:

According to my inside source, who was on the scene every step of the way, they were all refused entrance to the club by three bouncers on the door, and no reason was given for not allowing Chicago’s home team to go inside to party. Also, the club was not packed at that time, which was 11:30 at night, and the fellas were not intoxicated. The source said, “The Bears were angry and hurt and felt disrespected because the arrangements were OKd by the head bartender at the club in advance.”

Yeesh. The club’s owner, Wentz, who is perhaps best known for his marriage to Jessica Simpson’s less talented (if that’s possible0 and less fat (totally possible) sister, Ashlee, as well as frontman for the crappy poseur emo group Fall Out Boy, probably had no part in the unfortunate way the Bears players were treated, but a spokesperson for the club did issue a statement to a Sun-Times reporter regarding the incident:

“Every Monday night, operations of the bar are turned over to an outside vendor who hosts special events. We understand that this Monday night, members of the Chicago Bears were not admitted to the venue. We have terminated our relationship with the outside vendor. We take these allegations very seriously, will continue to investigate the facts and will apologize to those individuals who were involved.”

The contingent of Bears players, which included Brian Urlacher, Desmond Clark, Lance Briggs and Hunter Hillenmayer, took the maltreatment by the bouncers in stride and simply moved their party to the club Social 25, where they were treated with the proper level of respect befitting a bunch of professional football playing millionaires.

I can only imagine when Pete Wentz heard about this, he cried from embarrassment, which precipitated his need to remove his ironically-nerdy glasses to apply a fresh coat of eyeliner. Because that’s how emo douches roll.

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