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Wait, Beards Can Get A Tan? In The Deranged World Of Brian Wilson, They Sure Can

Easily the most intriguing person involved in the World Series, the oddball that is Giants closer Brian Wilson keeps on bringing the crazy. If he’s not making allusions to the mysterious “The Machine” to Chris Rose, he’s attracting loads of attention from the unique, slightly unhinged persona he has created for himself. Not only that, and perhaps even more than anything, Wilson has become quite the attraction due to the fact he has the most magnificent beard in major league baseball going.

When the topic of his beard was brought up recently with the press, Wilson addressed the theory posed by some that he might be dyeing his beard to get it so dark. He also responded to a query as to whether or not he has considered dyeing his beard orange for the World Series. Here’s what the delightfully weird Wilson had to say (via The Fabulous Forum):

“I’ve given it thought,” Wilson said, with an impish grin. “It’s just dark because we play a lot of day games. It’s tanned.”

Wait. What? I don’t know what color the sky is in Wilson’s world, but one thing is for certain: the sun in that sky of his has some pretty weird effects on facial hair.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to take Wilson’s twisted logic to heart regarding the magical properties of ultraviolet rays and go see if I can get my teeth tanned. A well-bronzed set of chompers would be ten kinds of awesome. Or completely gross and off-putting. But it would most certainly be different, something I’m pretty sure Wilson would appreciate.

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