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Oh No He Di’int! In Blog Post, Kevin Love Blasts Bill Simmons, Guarantees 30 Wins

Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love has always been an opinionated fellow of sorts and has never been afraid to let it all hang out, especially when it comes to his online presence. You might recall when Love, in 2009, experienced a bout of premature etweetulation when he announced to the world via his Twitter account that Kevin McHale was no longer the T-Wolves’ general manager, unaware that a formal announcement had not yet been made. Oops.

Because of his affinity for presenting his straightforward opinions, Love landed a gig writing an NBA blog for GQ, called “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” obviously an homage to the classic song by the Joy Division. Love didn’t take long to get controversial, because in his first post, published yesterday, the T-Wolves forward took exception with something Bill Simmons said during a podcast about the woeful Timberwolves and the outlook of their season. Love then proceeded to lay into the The Sports Guy.

From GQ (via RandBall):

I wanna end this first post with a message for my man over at ESPN, Bill Simmons. I heard that on his podcast, he was going through all the Vegas over-unders for every NBA team’s 2010-11 season win totals. Apparently, according to Vegas, the over-under for our team is the lowest in the league, just 23.5 wins. Well, first of all, f**k them. No, I’m just kidding! But then I heard Bill took the under on our team—he said he thinks we’re gonna win LESS than 23.5 games. Well, OK, Bill. You’re my guy. You’re a good friend. But you take it out on the Timberwolves a little too much. You need to give us a little more respect! And don’t worry, that respect will be earned. We will GLADLY show you. Mark my words: we’re going over 30 wins this year.

Oh, snap! Suck on that, Bill Simmons! While it remains to be seen whether Love and his teammates will be able to make good on his lofty goals for his squad this season, the fact that Love called out #1 NBA Sports Fan Bill Simmons is definitely a shot across the bow to all the media types who don’t give the Wolves a chance to be even moderately successful this season, although said media types’ expectations are likely more accurate than Love’s. But to talk smack regarding Bill Simmons’ considerable NBA knowledge and his “highly-regarded” (heh) gambling acumen? That’s gutsy, Kevin Love. Bill Simmons is a national treasure and should be treated as such. Love doesn’t know who he’s messing with! In any event, in light of Simmons’ negative outlook regarding the T-Wolves’ season, there’s no way he’s going to see his name up in lights around Target Center anytime soon.

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