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Nets Vs. Knicks In An Old-Fashioned, Drag-Out Billboard War: Who Ya Got?

You know, come to think of it, has there ever been such a thing as a billboard war before the current pissing match taking place between the Knicks and the Nets? I don’t think so. Well, leave it to New York teams to engage in such a childish, moronic feud.

You might recall back in July when the Nets ruffled the feathers of the Knicks organization by erecting a 225-by-95-foot billboard featuring Jay-Z and new Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov near Madison Square Garden in an attempt to establish the team’s new turf in nearby Brooklyn. The brash move sent Knicks owner James Dolan into a childish tantrum, prompting him to actually call Jay-Z to inform the rap mogul/Nets part-owner that the billboard was “intimidating to his employees.” Say what? Intimidating how? Did it confuse the Knicks employees so much it caused them to spin into a state of panic, fearful for their lives from the thought that a giant mad Russian and Brooklyn rapper were going to pluck them up on their way into the Garden and devour them? What a goofball.

Anyhoo, the Knicks have finally responded in kind to the Nets’ aggressive marketing move. In a classic move of one-upsmanship, the Knicks have erected a billboard of their own in Brooklyn, featuring Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire and the words “Brooklyn Represent” right down the street from the construction site of the Nets’ new arena. Zing.

Nets CEO Brett Yormark found the revenge-inspired billboard a delightful little ruse by a nervous organization (via the New York Daily News):

“I’m glad to see they know where Brooklyn is,” Yormark said. “Clearly, they know what’s coming.”

Yormark added, “I encourage them to do this. It heightens the awareness for us and basketball in the area and ignites our fanbase. I thank them because it’s only going to help us in the long run.”

Boy, who knows how far this feud could escalate? Advertisements in subways? Fliers getting dropped from airplanes above the streets of Brooklyn? Competing video billboards on the sides of building featuring the rival owners spewing propaganda regarding their respective teams?

“We have always been at war with the New York Knicks,” and so on and so forth. All I know is if we read something about Dolan forming a Knicks Ministry of Peace, this will not end well.

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