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Instant Street Cred For Lakers: Justin Bieber Allowed To Wear Championship Ring

Just let me note first that if a person, a team or an organization is looking for an instant dose of credibility on the streets, the very best thing to do is align themselves with the realest teen pop idol out there, Justin Bieber. We’re talking instant respect here.

With that said, the Lakers, who were presented their NBA championship rings last night at Staples Center before they took on the Houston Rockets in their season opener, are clearly the frontrunners to be the favorite team of tween girls and pedophiles the world over after Jeannie Buss, the daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, somehow managed to procure Phil Jackson’s ring which she then loaned to Bieber so he could wear it while he sat courtside during the game. Buss apparently has the Bieber Fever and must have used her feminine wiles to convince Jackson to surrender his ring for a few hours. Nice.

Yep. Justin Bieber was wearing an NBA championship ring. Charles Barkley doesn’t know what to think.

Actually, I do have some idea what Barkley might be thinking: “Why is some chick wearing a Lakers ring? That’s turrible.” Something like that.

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