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Courtesy Of Pot Dispensary, Giants Fans To Get Blasted With Every Home Run Blast

Obviously, I’ve heard a home run referred to as a round-tripper before, but this is ridiculous! No, I don’t know what that means, either. Sigh.

In any event, God bless America. Or at the very least, the wonderful city of San Francisco, because beginning tonight, the ReLeaf Herbal Center, a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, will be giving away one free joint to anyone hanging around the, um joint, for every home run hit by a Giants player during the World Series. Just a hunch, of course, but my guess is there will a gaggle of burnouts milling about and around the ReLeaf Herbal Center over the next week or so posing as die-hard Giants fans. Jinkies.

TMZ even has one more nug of information regarding the Center’s “potolicious” promotion:

But the team spirit doesn’t stop there — we’re also told the bud bank will offer a discounted “bright orange” strain of marijuana and a THC-infused orange drink aptly named “Giant Punch.”

Far out. Far freaking out. Although Tim Lincecum thinks the timing of this promotion is totally bogus, man. He’s also probably thinking how unfair it is that he has to be at the stupid stadium during all the games and how cool it would have been if the Giants weren’t in the World Series so he could have been chilling at the Center and received a free joint every time a Giants player hit a home run, the impossibility of which would have been totally lost on the Long-Haired Freaky Pitcher (thanks, Five Man Electrical Band for the inspiration for that moniker). You know, because the dude’s a total burnout. Ya dig?

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