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Wake N’ Blog: Guy Buys Some Crappy Weed, Calls Police to Complain About It

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• DUR! After smoking something he thought was marijuana, a man from southwestern Pennsylvania called 911 to report that “it was nasty.” To add insult to injury, police who reported to the scene determined that the substance wasn’t actually weed but the man could still face charges of possessing a counterfeit controlled substance, presumably because this guy is a complete idiot and deserves to be punished for it. [Yahoo!/AP]

• Shocker: Rick Rypien regrets grabbing that Wild fan. [Puck Daddy]

• A treasure trove of Tony Romo injury images. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Now that Romo is out for the foreseeable future, is Jerry Jones dumb and arrogant enough to go after JaMarcus Russell? Probably. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Miami bar to offer free drinks every time the Heat lose a game. Yeah. [Out of Bounds]

• Speaking of the Heat, LeBron James’ new commercial will probably not reverse the anti-LeBron frenzy. [You Been Blinded]

• A five minute compilation of every viral sports-related video from the past year. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Yeah, it sure doesn’t look like Reggie Bush will be getting back together with Kim Kardashian anytime soon. [The Jersey Chaser]

• Having trouble coming up with a costume idea for Halloween? Try these five on for size. [TAUNTR]

• Steve Nash isn’t feeling too confident about the Suns’ chances this season. [Ted Williams Head]

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