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Shocking News: The NHL Is A Discriminatory Organization…Against Some White People

Former professional hockey player Bob Sirois, who played 286 career games in the NHL during stints with the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals, is about to drop a mind-blowing bomb upon the National Hockey League by pulling back the curtain and revealing the deplorable discriminatory practiced by the league as it pertains to its bigoted actions…against non-English speaking Canadians, Americans and Europeans.

Stop the insanity! It’s hard enough for regular white guys out there, now this? Shame on you, NHL!

In his new book, which hit the shelves Monday in English one year after its initial release in French, Discrimination in the NHL: Quebec Hockey Players Sidelined, Sirois argues that when it comes to players in the NHL, English-speaking Canadians will always get the job over French-speaking Canadians, Americans and Euros.

Via the Toronto Star:

“The NHL is a league of English Canadians who allow the best players from all nations to play in their league,” Sirois said in an interview.

“But when it comes to equal talent or comparable talent . . . they always choose a good ol’ Canadian boy.”

Unbelievable. Did Sirios get Don Cherry write the foreword? If not, he should have. This topic is right up Cherry’s alley.

Sirios points to the statistics that prove his accusations to be spot-on. For instance, while there were 400 Canadian-born players in the NHL last season, only 42 are Quebecers. Even worse for xenophobic Americans is the news that only 189 American-born players were on NHL rosters last year. That’s discrimination!

The Toronto Star‘s article, which I highly recommend reading, obviously delves much further into this despicable practice by the NHL which Sirios courageously addresses in his book. Further, the alarming facts revealed by Sirios are a wake-up call for everyone, in particular white guys who feel like they don’t get a fair shake anywhere: at work, in pick-up games at the rink and by even women, who dismissively pass you over in favor of English-speaking Canadians. This aggression cannot and should not stand, man. When’s a white guy trying to crack an NHL roster going to catch a break? If we don’t force the NHL to change their hate-infused policies, the answer is simple: never.

Damn English-speaking Canucks. THEY’RE TAKING OUR JERBS! Well, the jerbs of hard-working Americans, Euro and Francophile Canadian hockey players with professional aspirations. I can’t even ice skate, man.

Ex-player claims NHL discriminates against non-Anglo Canadians [Toronto Star]