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Paul The Psychic Octopus Sleeps With The Fishes

I’ve got some bad news to break to all the fans of psychic cephalopods out there: Paul the Octopus Oracle who achieved worldwide fame for his ability to predict the outcomes of matches during the 2010 World Cup, has sadly shuffled off this mortal coil. Paul was two-years-old, which seems awfully young but to be honest, I have no clue how long octopuses usually live. And given the fact that Paul was the recipient of death threats due to the controversial nature of his prognostications, the fact that he managed to get through everything unscathed makes this a heartbreaking development, especially to those who knew him well, the staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in western Germany (via Yahoo!/Reuters):

“He appears to have passed away peacefully during the night, of natural causes, and we are consoled by the knowledge that he enjoyed a good life,” said the centre’s manager Stefan Porwoll.

Adding that they were “devastated” by the sudden and tragic demise of the greatly-loved inverterbrate, the staff have made a commitment to ensuring that Paul’s contributions to the world are not quickly forgotten, so says the centre’s manager, Stefan Porwoll:

“We may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within our grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine,” he said.

While that would be a dignified way to preserve his memory, for the time being, Paul is to remain in cold storage – perhaps to one day, given the needed technological advancements, even be reanimated along with the likes of Ted Williams and Walt Disney. We can hope. But for now, let us celebrate Paul’s memory, with a little song I am certain Paul would have loved.

Yeah. That was nice. Happy trails, Paul. You will be missed.

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