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Woody Paige Goes ‘Undercover’ As Raiders Fan, With Nightmare Fuel Results

Dear. Lord. That is one frightening image. And just in time for Halloween, too. Do you think anyone would get it if I dressed up as everybody’s favorite Around the Horn panelist dressed up as a Raiders fan? Yeah, I doubt it, too.

But there he was, Woody Paige, posing as a face-painting Raiders fan for a piece of intrepid reporting about the hostility Broncos fans act towards the die-hards who follow their most hated rivals while tailgating outside Mile High Stadium. What bravery. What journalistosity, or some other made up word.

Via The Denver Post:

Assuming a scurrilous undercover role — clad in a black Oakland jersey and a pseudo-leather helmet, with face painted black on one side, silver on the other — The TermiRaider (the spy name I chose) roamed the stadium parking lots before the game and Darth-invaded tailgate parties and affronted Broncos fanatics.

“Go, Raiders!” I shouted at brat- and burger-eaters in orange and blue gathered outside an RV — a “Raider Hater” signed draped over the door. “Denver ain’t nothin’ but dumb donkeys.”

A tall, lean, mean, elderly man rose from his folding chair, walked over to my phantom face, stuck out his right arm and pointed.

“Can’t I stand here?”

He didn’t speak. The loyalist of the locals just gestured once more — in the direction, actually, of Oakland. Almost as if they were in a zombie movie, the others in the large group began to move toward us menacingly. The TermiRaider turned Be-Very Afraider and beat a hasty retreat.

Ha. Be-Very Afraider. That’s gold. Unfortunately for Paige, his cover was oftentimes blown by steely-eyed Broncos fans, as no amount of black and gray face paint could obscure the rugged good looks of the local legend and Denver Post columnist.

But if there was one day to masquerade as a Raiders fan, it was certainly yesterday, given the 59-14 ass thrashing the Raiders laid on the woeful Broncos. Regardless of Paige’s good fortune and timing of assuming the role of a Raiders fan on such an opportune day doesn’t make up for the face that these images will haunt my dreams for weeks to come. Scary looking cat, that Woody Paige.

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