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Let The Craziness Commence: Ozzie Guillen To Be Analyst On FOX For World Series

There are great ideas and then there are outstandingly great ideas, and FOX’s decision to bring Ozzie Guillen back for his second go-round as analyst for the World Series is definitely in the latter category. The bombastic, opinionated and unpredictable White Sox manager will be working both the pregame and postgame shows with Eric Karros and Chris Rose as well as in-game analyst for the first five innings for FOX Deportes before switching over to working between Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the latter innings of games. It’s most certainly going to be a hoot. How can you not like Ozzie Guillen? We need more guys like him in sports: passionate, unafraid, honest and doesn’t give a crap what anyone else thinks.

You may recall that last year, Guillen served in a similar capacity and didn’t have one blow-up or drop one accidental F-bomb, but I imagine the guys in the trailer will have their itchy trigger fingers on the mute button anytime Guillen gets going on a rant. I know I would.

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