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IOC Considering Eliminating Fireworks As They Are Bad For The Environment (Duh)

Breathtaking scenes, like the one above from the closing ceremonies 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, might be a thing of the past if the Sri Lankan national Olympic committee has their way. You see, fireworks are bad for the environment and stuff and as Maxwell De Silva, secretary general of the Sri Lakan Olympic committee, puts it, that’s hypocritical somehow.


“Environment is environment. The clashing of your ideals is on the one hand saying, ‘OK, clean games,’ on the other hand you are polluting — it’s a contradiction.

Wait. What? How does shooting crap up into the sky and having it blow up in a dazzling display of bright colors and loud explosions have anything whatsoever to do with a drug-free Olympics? This guy is obviously on the crazy pills, which, in light of his references to a clean Olympics, makes him the hypocrite here.

De Silva added that instead of further adding to the Olympics’ carbon footprint with fireworks, technology would be a suitable replacement.

“You can always replace fireworks with technology, with laser shows. I don’t know why you can’t do that. We always use fireworks. I saw it in Beijing in a big way. I’m betting the same thing will be in London and Rio.”

Remind me to never invite this guy to my 4th of July party.

While IOC president Jacques Rogge insists that the organization he runs isn’t going to cave to fringe elements among its members who insist on ruining everybody’s fun – between the Winter and Summer Games, the Olympics are only every two years, I think the environment can handle it – he has stated that IOC is “going to study it seriously.” Great. So, if the Debbie Downers who sit on Sri Lanka’s Olympic committee are successful with creating widespread panic among Olympic organizers with their environmental propaganda, there will be no fireworks at the opening and closing ceremonies of upcoming Olympics. That’s lame. It makes me want to set off an entire brick of Black Cats in an act of defiance.

Damn Sri Lankans. Always trying to ruin everybody’s good time. And do you know what else? I read somewhere that Sri Lanka might not even be a real country. Yep, a completely fictional place – like Narnia. Or the moon.

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