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Spandex Justice: Philly Red Man Sentenced To Community Service

At long last, the legal case involving Sean Hagan, better known as Philly Red Man, has been brought to a resolution after the 17-year-old folk hero was sentenced to 80 hours of community service today in Family Court. You may recall the Philly Red Man’s rapid rise to fame after he stormed the field at Citizens Bank Park in September wearing red spandex full-body suit. It sure was a hoot, but not as amusing as when he was released from jail into the custody of his parents the next day – still wearing the body suit. I only hope his community service somehow involves Hagan wearing his hilarious getup, although I am unsure what kind of community service that would be. Huh. Drawing a blank here.

Hopefully, young Sean has learned a valuable lesson after going through this ordeal. And that lesson should be: 80 hours of community service and getting grounded by your parents is more than a fair exchange for instant fame and worldwide adulation. It’s the American way, really.

Phillies fan, 17, sentenced for running onto field [Sporting News/AP]
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