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Ratings For ‘The T.Ocho Show’ Tank, Proving My Theory That Not Everyone Is Stupid

Sad news to report from Television Ratings Land: the viewership numbers for the most recent episode of The T.Ocho Show on Versus were certifiably abysmal. According to Sports Media Watch, the latest abomination of a television program “drew a 0.1 U.S. rating and 112,000 viewers on Versus Tuesday night,” a paltry sum of either people who are either clinically brain dead or have dead batteries in their remotes. So poor, in fact, that the viewership for The T.Ocho Show was bested by viewers who watched Versus’ Hockey Central telecast which immediately preceded it, and we all know the gonzo ratings NHL hockey gets in this country.

Yet, my personal opinions as to what should be considered quality programming aside, I am nevertheless perplexed as to why a show featuring two narcissists with borderline personality disorder blathering incessantly about who knows what is failing so horribly…

Oh. I see what’s going on here. It’s mind-numbingly unwatchable. Never mind.

More Ratings: Barely Over 100,000 Watch Tuesday’s Edition of The T.Ocho Show [Sports Media Watch]