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Photographic Evidence Of How Glendale, Arizona Is A Veritable Hockey Hotbed


Sure, 6,706 people sounds like a pretty big crowd, but when you spread them out in an arena which holds 17,125, that number is not quite as impressive.

Sadly, that is how many people showed up for the game at Glendale at Arena on Thursday evening between the region’s beloved Phoenix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. Yeah, not too impressive.

As Wysh points out over at Puck Daddy, sure, it’s a weeknight game, early in the season and I’m sure there is a lot of other fun stuff to do in Glendale on a Thursday night, like, I don’t know, picking cactus needles out of your ass or arguing about the ridiculousness of daylight savings time. But this is a team that made great strides last season, amassing 107 points in the regular season and reaching the playoffs for the first time since the 2001-2002, so what gives? All I know is there are plenty of folks in Hamilton, Ontario gnashing their teeth right about now knowing that they would be willing to give up their left nuts (or, in the case of the female residents of Hamilton, their left ovaries, maybe?) to fill up an arena to watch early season NHL hockey, unless they have to work the second shift at the maple syrup factory or there happens to be a Kids in the Hall marathon on TV. But those kind of scheduling conflicts are rare, even in Canada.

What 6,706 fans look like at a Phoenix Coyotes home game [Puck Daddy]