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Go Screw Yourselves, Washington Officials Association

To raise money for breast cancer awareness, Seattle-area high school football referees used pink whistles and donated their game checks to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization. Classy, right? A brilliant way to increase awareness, is it not? Unfortunately, despite their admirable and selfless actions, the referees who made this wonderful gesture are now in hot water with the Washington Officials Association because they didn’t ask for permission to use the pink whistles and because of that, were subsequently in violation of the association’s rules regarding appropriate uniforms. They are now subject to a two-game suspension, so says the Washington Officials Association Chair Todd Stordahl (via King5, which also has a video report):

“They chose not to ask for permission, not to go the right route,” said Stordahl.  He says the move sets a precedent.  Last year, a softball umpire wore a Hawaiian shirt. Stardahl says there are state official rules for what is an appropriate uniform and this particular association disregarded the rules.

“It sends the wrong message to kids that are playing the game. ‘If they broke the rules why can’t I do the same,’” said Stardahl.

Un-friggin’-believable. Yeah, that’s what this is all about: Hawaiian shirts and kids being sent the wrong message. You know, like how selfless acts for the greater good should be punished simply because of the nuances related to a draconian set of rules and an association’s insistence of strict adherence. What a colossal asshat of an organization for the  Simply reprehensible manner in which they have handled this situation up to this point. Hopefully, a backlash will cause these idiots to rethink their position.

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