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Fan-Goon Fracas Fallout: Rypien Suspended Six Games, Fan Gets Call From Bettman

Justice has been meted out and an offer of dinner has been proffered, so I guess you could say the whole Rick Rypien-James Engquist kerfuffle is all tied up in a pretty little bow, right?

So, let’s take a quick inventory: Vancouver Canucks goon Rick Rypien has been suspended six games by the NHL for going after the now most famous Minnesota Wild fan ever in the stands during Tuesday’s Canucks-Wild game at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Engquist, for his part in the drama, received a heartwarming, apologetic and in Engquist’s words, “classy, amazing, very respectful” phone call from The Commish himself, Gary Bettman. Said Engquist (via the Pioneer Press):

“I told him straight up, ‘I love the NHL, Gary. It’s my passion of all sports; anyone who knows me knows it’s definitely the No. 1 sport I follow.’

“He said ‘I would like to treat you to a game and dinner.’ I said that sounds cool, OK.”

There is much to left unsettled regarding the incident – Engquist has not hired a lawyer yet and is still weighing his options, but isn’t Bettman’s offer of dinner and a game so stereotypically NHL? Wow, a meal and a ticket? Way to go all out for a guy who was accosted by of your league’s resident nutjobs. The only thing that could improve that outstanding, breaking-the-bank offer is if Bettman is personally going to take Enguist out for some grub and accompany Engquist to the game. I can only imagine how what Bettman’s table manners are like, let alone the enlightening conversation which would ensue at dinner. I bet it would be a regular Algonquin round table at that table…which I suspect would be a corner booth located inside the White Castle at the intersection of University and Lexington in St. Paul.

Hey, sliders are the best. I’d most definitely take Bettman up on that offer. Wouldn’t you?

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