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Alright, That’s Just About Enough Braggy Douchebaggery Out Of You, Ian Poultier

Yes, we get it, Ian Poultier, you and your merry band of Euros won the Ryder Cup and you have been having quite the good time reveling in you and your mates’ hard-fought victory, but come on, enough is enough. We do not need daily, nay, hourly updates regarding the ways in which you are wallowing in self-adulation regarding the win. Nearly three weeks have passed since that glorious day at Celtic Manor, it’s time to let it go.

Yesterday, Jay Busbee over at Devil Ball Golf addressed how Poultier has been overdoing lately as it pertains to documenting the ways in which the fancy boy has been on Cloud Nine due to the Ryder Cup victory, even considering his stance against violent acts on golfers, but that was before Poultier uploaded the above video, “This is called breakfast with the Ryder Cup. The best yet,” which documents how he and his kids enjoyed their breakfast out of the trophy. Sure, these sort of trophy-related hijinks are commonplace with Lord’s Stanley Cup and to a lesser degree, the Ryder Cup, but rarely has a person felt the need to upload video, photos, etc. of every-loving thing they do with the trophy. All I’m saying is if Poultier uploads a video with the title, “I Just Popped the Ryder Cup’s Cherry,” I ain’t watching it. Obviously.

Let it go, Ian, and move on. You have crossed over from good-natured enjoyment to over-the-top, unnecessary douchebaggery.