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Who Knew The Indian Cricket Team Had Ditka On Their Squad?

Now, I am certainly no cricket aficionado, or even a neophyte for that matter – although I can bust out a “sticky wicket” pun with the best (or worst) of them – so I am unsure if India’s complete dismantling of Australia in cricket by such obscene goal differentials is out of the norm or do cricket games (matches, winkydinks, scallywags?) routinely have these kind of scores (289-3 and 292-5)? Actually, I am not even sure what those scores mean. Did Australia win one match 289-3 and India win the other 292-5? It’s all so confusing. Damn cricketers with their weird scores and complicated shoes.

What I do know, however, is an outcome like this – at least how I understand the outcome to be – causes me to suspect that a Ditka might have had a hand in the domination, at least that’s what Bill Swerski’s Super Fans might have suspected. You know, if the Super Fans were real and not an outdated bit from 20 years ago. But who knows, right? Maybe Virat Kohli is how you say Mike Ditka in Punjabi or something.


Ha. That never gets old, does it? It does? Whatever. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about…(Ditka…sausage…Ditka).

Virat Kohli guides India to five-wicket win over winless Australia [The Guardian]