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Security Allowed National Guard Member To Enter Michigan Stadium With Two M16s

But don’t worry: the assault rifles weren’t loaded so it was all good.

University of Michigan officials are left scrambling, trying to somehow justify the decision by security officials to allow a full-time National Guard member dressed in his military uniform to not only enter the stadium but onto the field as well after they discovered two unloaded M16s on his person during the Michigan-Michigan State game at the Big House a few Saturdays ago. The soldier posed as a member of the color guard to gain access to the field and was pointed out by another “authorized” color guard member and escorted off the field and arrested without incident.

The man arrested told authorities that his only goal was to attend the game but he didn’t have a ticket, so he thought dressing up in his uniform would help him gain access to the big game. Yet I am still confused how the two unloaded M16s play into his little scheme. A much-needed accessory to complete the military ensemble, perhaps?

An official from the university’s Department of Public Safety has gone on record as stating that she believes no security protocol was violated or ignored, saying, “There wasn’t anything that we believe was done incorrectly or improperly by police in any of the checkpoints there,” which I interpret that it is perfectly acceptable to bring firearms into Michigan Stadium, so long as they are not loaded and the individual carrying them is wearing a military uniform. Makes sense.

But it should be pointed out that given the obvious iron-clad security at Michigan Stadium, there is absolutely no way an unhinged individual could have picked up a National Guard uniform at an Army surplus store, hidden a clip or two of ammo somewhere in the stadium and went on a shooting spree before security guards would have noticed, given they were far too busy checking people’s bags to make sure they weren’t sneaking in a bottle of whiskey or something. It’s all about priorities. Booze? “Step aside, sir.”  Unloaded automatic weapons? “Carry on, sir. Enjoy the game. What’s that? You want to go on the field? Why the hell not? Have at it, soldier.”

Sound security protocol. Lofty security protocol.

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