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Finally, Someone Addresses How Skinny Erin Andrews Has Looked Lately

While certainly not to a point where she appears unhealthy, Erin Andrews (above at the ESPYs in July), in my opinion, seems a bit too skinny lately. Obviously, it’s none of my business what weight the lovely and talented Miss Andrews feels comfortable at – yet I have stated my opinion anyway. It’s just that if you’re anything like me, you would have to agree that she would look far better with a little more meat on her bones.

Thankfully, I am not the only person who apparently sees it this way. Harpo’s Bar, in Colombia, Missouri – where ESPN College GameDay will be  setting up shop this weekend for its broadcast leading up to the Oklahoma-Missouri tilt – has thrown down the gauntlet and offered Andrews a nice, big meal, free of charge.

Harpo’s, in business for 39 years, “boasting its delicious food, friendly bartenders, and that down-home sports bar atmosphere,”  would like Miss Andrews to stop on by this weekend and eat some of their delicious, down-home cuisine. In fact, they have put up a banner announcing their offer at their restaurant, a photo of which follows.

Via Busted Coverage:

So there  you have it. Hopefully, Erin isn’t too shy (or too unwilling to actually eat food, as uncomfortably evidenced during her appearances on the TLC show, Kick Off Cook Off) to stop on by Harpo’s and have a tasty meal. If she doesn’t want to go alone, she can bring the fellas from the GameDay crew along – but they only get 10% off. It would surely be a feast to be remembered which can be shared by the entire on-air talent from the show – except for, as BC points out, Desmond Howard. I don’t know what that’s all about. Awkward.

Billboard: Harpo’s Bar In Columbia, Missouri Wants Erin Andrews To Eat For Free, Doesn’t Offer Desmond Howard Jack S**t [Busted Coverage]
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