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Did He Have A Fathead? Grim LeRogue’s A-Rod Hate Scrawled All Over Apartment Walls

Sportress MS Paint Conception Of LeRogue's Apartment

Additional, disturbing details continue to emerge regarding Grim LeRogue’s uncontrollable hatred of Alex Rodriguez, which finally manifested itself for all the world to see the other night when LeRogue attempted to bum rush A-Rod on the Yankee Stadium infield. In fact, his obsession with the Yankees infielder has been fermenting for some time now, as evidenced by the statements made by his ex-super dealing with how LeRogue chose to decorate his old apartment. Let me put it to you this way: it certainly wouldn’t have been the way Candice Olson, David Bromstad or Antonio Ballatore would gone about it – although, maybe Antonio, his decorating style on The Antonio Treatment can be a out there and bit unorthodox (yeah, I watch HGTV – wanna fight about it?).

Here’s how his former landlord explained LeRogue’s Divine Design (via the New York Daily News):

Grim LeRogue, 33, scrawled anti-Alex Rodriguez screeds on the walls of his old apartment besides giant pictures of the Yankees star.

“I want to beat his a–,” one message read, LeRogue’s ex-super told the Daily News.

LeRogue’s walls also were lined with pictures of Osama Bin Laden and naked girls, super Benny Ramirez said.

“It looked like he was a little bit crazy,” added Ramirez, who moved into LeRogue’s apartment in Morrisania after the Rodriguez hater moved back in with his mom last year.

A little bit crazy? That conservative analysis of LeRogue might be a bit understated, which is vastly different than the methods LeRogue uses to articulate his overall design concepts: over the top, bold, experimental, disturbing, psychotic. Not Color Splashy, that’s for sure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an episode of Sarah’s House on my DVR that needs watching. I love that gal.

Bronx nut Grim LeRogue had it in for Yankees star Alex Rodriguez before Cameron Diaz entered picture [New York Daily News]
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