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A Soon-To-Be Modern Classic: ‘The Pranking Of Elizabeth Moreau’

Which, in its own way, is exactly like the H.G. Wells classic, The Island of Dr. Moreau, except it doesn’t involve genetic mutation and exotic locales, only ESPN reporters stuck in Gainesville, Florida being suckered into believing that the hotel they are staying in is on fire and told that she is terrible at fellatio. Other than those minor tweaks, the storylines are spot on.

Moreau was staying in the Hilton Garden Inn in Gainesville, Florida, in town to cover a women’s volleyball match between the University of Florida and the University of Tennessee for ESPNU. Earlier this morning, she received a call in her room put through by the front desk from a man who informed hotel staff that he was her husband. That’s when things got out of control. The caller informed Moreau that the hotel was on fire and instructed her to put towels down in front of the door to prevent smoke from coming in. He then advised her to smash the window with the toilet tank lid, which Moreau did.

Once the window had been broken and the toilet tank lid crashed to the ground and shattered outside her window, the caller, according to Moreau’s statement to police, told her “that’s what she gets for being a bad ex-wife and further explained she was bad at ‘sucking d**k.’” Ouch.

Who would do such a thing? Prank a lovely young lady by tricking her into damaging hotel property and then have the audacity to tell her that she gives horrible B.J.’s? What sick, depraved minds would have the audacity to pull such a stunt?

From The Smoking Gun (via Deadspin):

The ruse is a classic tactic employed by individuals affiliated with Pranknet, the online group of hooligans exposed last year by TSG. Pranknet members frequently called hotels and asked for random room numbers. When a guest picked up–usually in the early morning hours–they would try to convince them that the hotel was on fire or had suffered a dangerous rupture in a gas line. The goal was to have the panicked guest break windows or trigger the sprinkler system. And sometimes both.

As TSG previously reported, Pranknet’s founder, Tariq Malik, last year distributed to certain followers lengthy target lists containing the locations and phone numbers of hundreds of Hilton Garden Inns in the U.S.. The chain was a favorite of Malik & Co. because callers could be patched through to a room without having to know the name of its occupant.

Those little deviant bastards! Not only have they humiliated poor Elizabeth Moreau, they have traumatized her so severely that she may be hesitant to engage in any foreplay in the future. And that, my friends, ain’t right.

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