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This Won’t End Well: After Hiatus, Sergio Garcia Begins Quest To ‘Be World No. 1’

Uh-oh. After taking a two-month break from golf, citing fatigue and burnout, Sergio Garcia is back: refreshed, inspired and obviously popping far too many crazy pills. I just hope he has a prescription for them.

How else can we explain Garcia’s stated goal to become the world’s number one golfer other than a case of extreme, nearly-comical denial? Anyone who has watched the spectacular flame-outs throughout Garcia’s career (missed par on 18 at the 2007 British Open), paired with his arrogant personality and temperamental nature (spitting in the cup, anyone?), can certainly attest to the fact that Garcia might want to, you know, win some tournaments and play up to his perhaps lost potential before setting his sights on being the world’s best golfer. Just a thought.

A trip through the warped mind of Sergio Garcia, complete with a stop in Kookytalkland for an appointment with Sergio’s sophrologist (via The Guardian):

“I feel fine after my two-month break,” said García. “I made the decision to stop between The Players Championship and the US Open, as I had lost my motivation and felt drained. I needed the break, I had lost the desire to play, and practising had become an obligation.

“Now I feel full of energy, and actually enjoy practising. I have set myself new goals and look forward to performing again at the top level. I have been doing different things these two months – other sports and relaxing with my friends and family. I have also been working on my mental approach with a sophrologist [self-help expert] to help me put things in the right place. I know more about myself and feel able to answer my own questions.

“I now have clear goals. For a start, I want to win the Castello Masters and the remaining tournaments, and then I want to return gradually to where I should be, and perform to my full potential, ie: be world No1. I needed to miss the game a little bit. Obviously I missed it – that’s why I am back.”

Wait. A self-expert? Has anyone ever heard of a sophrologist before, because I certainly haven’t? To be honest, that’s sophorcking crazy, man, I don’t know where to begin.

Best of luck to Sergio on his upcoming optimistic, if ill-fated journey. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get distracted from his ultimate goal by someone selling a bag of magic beans on the side of the road.

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