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New Seattle Mariners Skipper Eric Wedge Plays With Dolls?

Indeed he does. Indeed he does. But that is a misleading statement at its best – or worst. Newly hired Mariners manager Eric Wedge does play with dolls, but he does so when spending time with his daughter, 4-year-old Ava, one of his two children with wife, Kate. Awwww, what a softie.

As far as I’m concerned, there are few better ways for a new member of a professional sports organization – be it a manager, player, etc. – to ingratiate themselves to a new fanbase than to have a local journalist write a fluff piece detailing the “softer side to the gruff exterior” which everybody already knows about, replete with touchy-feely quotes from the guy’s spouse. It’s a genius way of allowing fans to see a different side of the new guy in town without forcing the guy to admit he cried during The Notebook.

In a special feature for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Jim Moore sat down with Kate and compelled her to expound on the aspects of her husband’s personality not usually seen by fans, including the juicy nugget that the Wedge family owns – gasp! – a cat! (shudders)

“He’s a super dad,” Kate said. “He helps with baths and puts them to bed. Ava’s a girly girl, and Eric will play with her and her dolls. And Cash is into all sports. He’s all boy. He’s already swinging a golf club.”

Kate sees the softer side of him at home. They met in 2001 when he was manager of the Buffalo Bisons and went to lunch at a TGIF’s where Kate was managing the bar. When asked what attracted her to him, Kate said: “Just look at him, really … nah, he’s fun to be around. We had a connection right away.”

In all seriousness, Wedge seems like an alright guy, and it is nice to see him getting another crack at managing at the big league level after getting railroaded and scapegoated during his tenure with the Cleveland Indians. And as long as he doesn’t bring dolls into the dugout, I suppose there are far worse things than playing the role of doting Daddy. Like living in Cleveland, for instance.

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