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Hey, That’s Not How You Treat A Guy Who Screwed Over His Team For Personal Glory!

I keed, I keed! That’s exactly how you treat a ballplayer who selfishly kept himself in the lineup game after game despite the fact that he was often a detriment to the success of the team.

Okay, I’m kidding again. Cal Ripken is a national treasure and he should be treated with the utmost respect, not subjected the target of taunts by a troglodyte making half-witted, uninformed wisecracks on the internet. Nor should he be subjected to some knuckle-dragging Yankees fan (playing the law of averages here) attempting to dump a beverage on him as he is innocently doing his very best to tolerate David Wells’ body odor without chuffing while providing insightful analysis of MLB playoff games.

But such was the case last night when some moron tried to interject himself into TBS’ broadcast by chucking a drink in Cal Ripken’s general direction. And who says the American sporting public lacks class? Well, I guess I just did.

Video (courtesy of fine folks over at Awful Announcing) follows.

It appears the Yankees fan (once again, speculating) had about as much success soaking Ripken as his beloved Bronx Bombers had trying to stem the onslaught of the hard-charging, dominating and barring a collapse of epic proportions, the soon-to-be American League champion Texas Rangers. Today is a good day to not be a Yankees fan. I guess karma’s a bitch. Although I’m not sure exactly what crimes against humanity the current Yankees squad areĀ  being forced to atone for through the savage beatdown they are experiencing, there has to be something, right?

Cal Ripken Avoids Beer Dumping During TBS Pre Game Show [Awful Announcing]