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Former NFL QB Scott Mitchell Coaches H.S. Football, Cancels Games To Rest Players

I’m not sure what’s crazier: the fact that Scott Mitchell, he of the spectacular flameout of an NFL career, is a high school football coach in Utah, or the fact that he, along with the coach for another team, conspired to cancel a regular season game so Mitchell could rest players on his team for next week’s playoff opener.

You might recall the NFL story of Scott(although I seem to recall everybody referred to him as “Scottie”) Mitchell. After performing admirably as Dan Marino’s backup in 1993, the Detroit Lions signed him to a ginormous free agent contract, holding out hope that he would be the Detroit Lions’ second-coming of…um, Eric Hipple, I guess. Obviously, things did not go as well as planned, although he did lead the Lions to the playoffs a few times. Actually, Barry Sanders did, but Mitchell’s contributions were tantamount to the relative success the Lions had those few magical seasons. Until that rat bastard Charlie Batch waltzed on in and stole Mitchell’s starting job away. Ouch.

But that is all in the past. Now, Mitchell is the head coach of the Springville High School football team, which brings us to this mini-controversy, as far as Utah high school football can ignite a controversy. Mitchell had some banged-up players and didn’t want to play the game, so he called up Mark Wootton, head coach of the Mountain Crest football squad, who also had some players with nagging injuries who could use the rest, and they agreed to cancel the game, scheduled for October 13th. Just like that.

Via USA Today:

“We have a lot of guys who are banged up, and I’m not sure how productive we would have been in the game,” Mitchell said Tuesday. “I don’t really care what people think. I’m focused on the playoffs, because we’re already seeded where we’re going to be seeded. It’s not going to change at all. I just wanted to be as fresh and healthy as possible going into the playoffs.”

Ya hear that, people who view high school sports as a welcome escape from the crap, politics and mind games we have to put up with from college and pro sports? Mitchell  doesn’t give a rip what you think. Nor does he care about good sportsmanship or fair play or teaching kids the lesson that no matter the odds, despite everything that might be stacked against you, it’s completely appropriate to quit and not honor previous commitments – as long as it benefits you in the long run.


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