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Cameron Diaz Vs. Jodie Foster: Who Ya Got?

While attempting to attack a narcissistic baseball player during a playoff game due to his relationship with a washed-up actress pales in comparison as far as attempting to assassinate a sitting President over an actress due to her role as an underage prostitute, there are certainly parallels between what John Hinckley, Jr. did way back in 1981 when he shot and wounded President Reagan and what Grim LeRogue (nice name for a whackjob, by the way) did last night at Yankee Stadium when he stormed the field, allegedly to choke out Alex Rodriguez in a misguided attempt to impress Cameron Diaz:

An unhealthy obsession with an unattractive actress.

Hey, that might be an unfair and harsh criticism of both of these talented actresses – actually, make that one talented actress and one who managed to parlay once-youthful good looks into a marginal, yet fading, career in show business, but I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

Video of the aftermath of Grim LeRogue’s unhinged hijinks follows.

After his arrest, a photo of Alex Rodriguez was found on LeRogue’s person, with A-Rod’s face crossed out, a gun pointed at his head and the words “You gotta go, buddy” scrawled on it. Via the New York Daily News:

“He gave a rambling interview that he had an infatuation with Cameron Diaz,” the source said. “He thought by going out and choking A-Rod he’d be a hero to her.”

Very Hinkley-esque. Yet, I simply cannot see why anyone would have an infatuation with Cameron Diaz at this point. Perhaps LeRogue is living in the past and The Mask was just released at the metroplex in his mind.

Further, simply to up the bats**t crazy ante, LeRogue also informed police that he wanted to kill Bobby Brown as well, apparently due to Osama bin Laden’s alleged crush on his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. While misdirected – how does killing Bobby Brown accomplish anything here? – I guess that’s LeRogue’s prerogative.

Of course, at least according to LeRogue’s not surprisingly ashamed mother, there was a misguided method to his madness: he wanted to drum up publicity for his book about ninjas (via the New York Post):

“I just can’t believe this,” his mom, Cathy, told The Post.

“He drank in his day when he was younger, he’s not like this saintly kid, but he’s 33 years old now, so give me a break,” she said.

But her son, also a known graffiti vandal, has managed to finish writing a 700-page novel “about a ninja or something” that he’s self-publishing next month, she said.

“He told police he wanted publicity” for his tome, she said.

Ninja fiction is huge right now. Instead of disrupting the game, he should been more patient and let the stunning prose and fascinating subject matter in the novel speak for itself. Mistakes were made.

In the end, to answer the question posed above, “Cameron Diaz vs. Jodie Foster: Who Ya Got?”, I’m going to have to go with Jodie Foster. I mean, have you seen Contact? I mean, really, really seen it? Deep stuff.

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