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Aces High: Iron Maiden Frontman Bruce Dickinson Flies Soccer Team To Italy

Yeah, like I wasn’t going to write a post regarding a story where Bruce Dickinson – the greatest metal singer EVAR! – and the world of sports intersect. That’s kooky talk. So run to the hills, run for your life, because my adoration for all things Iron Maiden is in full blown overdrive.

For the non-Iron Maiden fans out there (losers), Bruce Dickinson is the longtime frontman (despite a six-year layoff when the other members of the band made the egregious error and had the audacity of allowing someone else to take over lead vocals) of Iron Maiden. Of course, even those unfamiliar with the legendary band are at least tangentially aware of many of their songs, from “Number of the Beast” to “Wasted Years” to “Can I Play With Madness?” to the aforementioned “Aces High” and “Run to the Hills”. Even more so, most people are undoubtedly familiar with Eddie, the band’s sinister, iconic mascot.

What a lot of people do not know, however, is that Bruce Dickinson has been an accomplished pilot for over 10 years. In fact, he frequently flies Iron Maiden around on their tours in Ed Force One, a customized Boeing 757. Dickinson is also a passionate soccer fan, in particular of the Premiere League’s Liverpool F.C. So much so, that he offered to raise the struggling squad’s spirits by personally piloting them earlier today to Naples, Italy for a Europa League match against Napoli on Thursday.

“I would like to see Liverpool winning again,” Dickinson told the Liverpool Echo. “They have had a hard time recently but they are such an institution and mean so much to so many people. It would be nice to see them with their tails up.”

Bad. Ass. But fear not, despite his love for flying, Dickinson has no plans to give up his day job.

When asked whether he preferred singing or flying, he said: “I don’t know – that is one of those questions, like which one of your kids would you throw out of a hot-air balloon. Iron Maiden fans would lynch me if I stopped singing.”

You got that right, Bruce. Rock on!

(awkwardly makes Sign of the Horns, notices that everybody is looking at me, don’t give a rip)

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