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William Hurt Approves: Over 105,000 Tickets Sold For ‘The Big Chill At The Big House’

Tom Berenger, Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Kline, on the other hand? Bunch of hockey-hating malcontents, those guys.

Since probably three of you get that reference, let’s move away from 1980s movie references. On December 11th, the Michigan Wolverines will take on the Michigan State Spartans in an outdoor hockey game at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor and have dubbed the epic matchup “The Big Chill at The Big House.” According to officials, ticket sales for the game have reached 105,585 which will easily shatter the current world record for attendance at a hockey game, the 74,554 who attended a game between the same two teams on October 6, 2001 at Spartan Stadium, a game which also had a clever moniker for the showdown: “The Cold War.”

Hopefully, the organizers of any upcoming outdoor hockey games between the rival schools don’t run out of clever names incorporating various ways to articulate that it has to be cold outside for a hockey game to take place. If the creativity well happens to run dry, here are a few suggestions:

Actually, both of those stink. Good luck coming up with something original and interesting for the next game, you yahoos. Just one last thing about “The Big Chill.” If Wolverines and Spartans players even dare think about breaking out in an impromptu groove session to Mowtown tunes during an intermission, I’m going to be pissed. And so will Glenn Close. That broad is one frosty bitch.