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Stories On Things About ESPN That Don’t Suck: ‘Mayne Street’ Begins 5th Season

Apt Visual Metaphor For Mayne's Career At ESPN? Discuss

Kenny Mayne is without a doubt the most non-irritating on-air personality employed by ESPN. Never appearing to take himself too seriously, Mayne has always been a square peg who has never fit into the round holes which tWWL always tries to hammer its on-air talent into, which results in we viewers being bored to death by the same homogenized, prepackaged version of the same SportsCenter anchor over and over again.

Fortunately for us, ESPN has found a nice little niche for Kenny Mayne: in addition to his oddball shorts on Sunday NFL Countdown (he still does those, right?), his web series, Mayne Street, is a perfect vehicle for Mayne’s quirky sense of humor and comedic sensibilities.  And I am pleased to report that the fifth season of Mayne Street has debuted on You can see the newest webisode here.

Via ESPN Media Zone:’s original scripted series Mayne Street kicks off its fifth season with six new webisodes debuting every Tuesday at 9 a.m. This season will feature one continuous storyline featuring Kenny challenged by a new executive producer who fastly becomes his arch nemesis. On Mayne Street, Mayne stars as himself in a fictionalized version of life at a sports television network. His reoccurring foils revolve largely around his fictional production crew, as well as other ESPN personalities.

Now hold on a minute. Mayne stars as himself in a fictionalized version of his life at a sports television network? While confusing, I think I understand this. Kenny Mayne is real. His character on Mayne Street is not. Now, the fact that Kenny Mayne is a real-life ESPN personality is completely accurate. But his life as it is depicted on Mayne Street is not the real life of Kenny Mayne. Now Mayne Street, which is a real show, takes place and illustrates situations that, while they are potentially real issues that could be faced by Kenny Mayne the real-life ESPN personality, they are not real in the sense that they did not really happen to the real Kenny Mayne, who is the guy portraying the character Kenny Mayne on Mayne Street.

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