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Like Squeezing Blood Out Of A Turnip: Photog Suing Mike Tyson For $25 Million

A photographer has filed a $25 million lawsuit against Mike Tyson in relation to an alleged incident at the Los Angeles International Airport  in November of 2009. The plaintiff, Antonio Echavarria, claims Tyson punched him, resulting in a concussion and strained spinal cord. I’m sorry, but if Tyson, even with his advancing age and diminishing skills had punched some pencil-necked photographer, not only would the result of the attack include a concussion and a strained spinal cord, the victim would still likely eating his meals in a paste form, courtesy of a tube inserted directly into his stomach.

Oh, Echavarria also alleges that Tyson broke his camera during the vicious attack. Mustn’t forget about that – it was a pretty nice camera and stuff.

Tyson was arrested shortly after the incident, but was released and never charged due to lack of evidence. But moreover, here’s the rub, Antonio Echavarria: in case you  haven’t noticed, Mike Tyson is broke. I mean dirt poor. Echavarria would have better luck getting $25 million out of me.

As frivolous lawsuits go, I assume this one will go the route of many others and this money-grubbing photographer will settle out of court for a paltry sum, well below the $25 million he is seeking. Maybe he’ll get enough to replace his precious broken camera. I only wonder how this new lawsuit will affect Tyson’s new role as Boxing Ambassador to China. Shouldn’t Tyson be granted retroactive diplomatic immunity or something? It would only be fair.

Man says Tyson punched him at LAX [FOX Sports]
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