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In Which I Reveal Identity Of Guy Who Saved Runner’s Life During Detroit Marathon

If there is one city in this great nation that could use a feel-good story right about now, it is most certainly the city of Detroit. Well, one such occasion prevented itself over the weekend when a Good Samaritan came to the assistance of 51-year-old marathon runner Paula Southart, who collapsed during the Detroit Free Press Marathon. This unidentified individual immediately performed CPR on the woman, saving her life.

As is often the case with random do-gooders, the Good Samaritan of the Detroit Free Press Marathon wishes to remain anonymous. While he has agreed to meet with Southart, he would like his identity kept private.

Unfortunately for this guy, the Sportress, through the intrepid gumshoeing of its agents, has identified the life-saver. After the jump, whether he likes it or not, we are set to reveal the man’s identity:

That’s right. It was none other than Detroit native and all-around good guy Jerome Bettis who saved this woman’s life.

Yep, Jerome Bettis is really from Detroit. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard that.

I know some of you might have suspected Mitch Albom, given his connections to the marathon’s sponsor, as well as his ability to detect the slightest human suffering through the supernatural hearing ability granted him due to his ginormous ears. But sadly, lifesaving isn’t in Albom’s repertoire. Unless he could parlay it into a multi-book deal so that he could continue subjecting readers to that melodramatic drivel that he passes as serious writing.

But that Jerome Bettis. Man, what a hero among men. He’s from Detroit, too.

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